To-day's Programmer Cheat Sheet Premiere

Cheat sheets of the harder-to-remember parts of doing business with our miraculous modern machines. (None created by me) Recommended sites: cheat-sheets, dev cheat sheet, and Peteris Krumins' list.

Table of Contents

Vim Emacs Bash PCRE Package Managers OS X Ruby HTML Color Codes Catch them all!

Vim keyboard shortcuts

(thanks to Michael Pahoeski)

Emacs keyboard shortcuts

(source unknown email me if you know)

Bash keyboard shortcuts

(thanks to Carlos Fenollosa)

PCRE cheat sheet

(thanks to Dave Child. Although PHP specific, this one is fantastic)

Package Manager cheat sheet


OS X keyboard shortcuts


Ruby globals and terseness


HTML Color Codes

(author unknown)


Got them? Use this email address and I'll get back to you.


The author is Chris McKenzie; a programmer dedicated to truth, no matter how crazy it gets. Check out his projects on github.

He also maintains a git tips twitter account.


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